Launch Event II


StudeoCo’s second event will be another panel discussion and collaborative vision lab. We will have some of our community’s finest from Faster Glass joining us. They will share stories about each of their career journeys, changes they've made and lessons learned along the way. You will see that they both have unique and winding careers with each path leading to where they find themselves now as catalysts for organizational innovation and change.

Panel guests

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Torie Reinhart

Torie is a creative soul, catalyst of conversation, and collaboration consultant.  At Faster Glass, Torie’s passions for mindful design, engaging collaboration, and continuous learning are leveraged to ignite future thinking in a client’s organization.

Before joining the Faster Glass team, Torie honed her project management, research, and strategy skills at The Innovation Studio at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health. In her role as Project Manager and Innovation Lead at the Studio, Torie and her team were the first to apply design thinking using a Hollywood studio model. They created scalable and sustainable business models based on ground-breaking public health research at the University.

In her previous life, Torie ignited her interest in creativity and entrepreneurialism as a patent and trademark lawyer where she helped clients bring their products to market. She transitioned to innovation and design when she discovered her love for working with entrepreneurs. In the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Torie devoted her professional life to guiding passionate people to their fullest potential and the most efficient use of their valuable resources.

 In addition to collaborating with the team at Faster Glass, Torie blends her knowledge in design thinking with her experience as a lawyer to manage the logistics of raising three young children with her husband. She is also a world traveler and practicing foodie with an ever-growing list of restaurants she would love to try in her adoptive city of Charlotte.

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Dan Black

Building businesses is in Dan’s DNA. The people who know him best would say, “If he’s figured it out and everything is running smoothly, chances are you’re less than six months from a change.” It’s this passion for constant positive change that brought him recently to the Faster Glass team.

Dan is a skilled facilitator who designs educational experiences that drive performance. He has helped organizations large and small, both for-profit and non-profit, grow and succeed. Dan’s professional career spans PwC, Bank of America, and two of his own successful businesses. At his last position at a custom learning and development company, Dan guided a team which served over 130 companies globally by crafting results-focused training solutions.

Dan’s true strength comes in his ability to help his clients establish a shared vision of what they are trying to accomplish. He then works with them to architect plans to execute on the vision. Dan’s aptitude for creative problem solving and connecting seemingly unrelated dots, combined with an infectious air of “joy in the challenge,” has earned him the reputation of a person who does serious work but doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Dan earned a B.S. in Mass Media Communications from George Mason University and considers himself a native of Charlotte simply due to the fact he’s been here since Independence Blvd. was a two-lane road. He lives with his wife of 20 years, Blair, and their two children, Mason and Sophia.

Vision Lab

Following our panel discussion, we will reorganize into small groups to more intimately get know each other and continue cocreating the future of this community. For those that may have attended our first launch event, we will look to go deeper, uncover more about what brings us all together and discuss how we may best learn together moving forward.

We will discuss WHY you chose to attend as well as what you need, want and would value from this new community. 

Second, we want to hear HOW you may want to learn together. 

Lastly, we want to hear WHAT sorts of topics you would benefit the most from learning together.

We have some plans and a vision that will be shared, but you will influence how we approach what we do moving forward.

These will not be pop up classes nor your stereotypical networking events. Our goal is to create an ongoing, collaborative and connected learning community to help each other grow, level up and achieve more in our lives and careers.

Our story continues on June 19th.

Stay curious and welcome to the start of your journey at StudeoCo.


20% of event fees will be donated to READ Charlotte.

And for those that attend, you will gain access to our online community that will help us to stay connected between events, foster ongoing discussions and become our always on playground for learning, thinking and sharing.

Register for the event here.