Launch Event


StudeoCo’s first event will be a live panel and vision lab. Panel guests will share their stories of purpose, learning and work. Each have unique career journeys and are actively pursuing their purpose in and out of the workplace.


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Tori Stevens

Tori is a vibrant and answers-driven woman who challenges the status quo. She has a hunger for knowledge and exudes an enthusiastic passion for bringing out the best in talent through confidence and self-awareness coaching and speaking.

Tori graduated from Central Michigan University twice, including, a Masters in Educational Leadership. Tori thrives in listening and learning from individuals in order to debunk myths associated with talent development. She has developed a plethora of real-world experiences throughout 12 years where she has conducted over 4,500+ candidate interviews, hired 2,000+, and developed and managed 1,200+ people within corporate and higher education.

Tori is the Founder of evolYOUtion and is a coach, trainer, and speaker who prides herself on empowering people to be confident within their communication to achieve greater connection. She craves closing the gap between retention and talent development which occurs when the focus is on developing people rather than chasing achievement. 

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Alyssa Conner

Alyssa graduated from Duquesne University School of Pharmacy and moved from her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA to Charlotte, NC in 2011. She has always enjoyed helping others, but it wasn’t until recently that she discovered her true passion is community engagement and positive empowerment.  

The desire to help others combined with an interest in chemistry is what led Alyssa to pursue a career as a pharmacist. After college graduation, Alyssa completed a PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency at the W.G. Bill Hefner Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center in Salisbury, NC. She is currently a clinical pharmacist at the VA Health Care Center in Charlotte.

Over the past five years, Alyssa has volunteered with several organizations in the Charlotte community. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and The Lunch Project are a few of the non-profits to which she has dedicated her time. Most recently, she helped a fellow philanthropist launch his own non-profit, Scarlett Hearts.

Most of Alyssa's volunteerism focuses on raising funds by hosting events. After a few years of experience, she found herself frequently providing advice to others about the beginning steps of hosting a fundraiser or general event. This led to the launch of her own business, Step One Event Coaching.  

Alyssa’s personal mission is to inspire others to positively impact their community and to help people realize even the smallest contributions make a difference. She strives to live a life of purpose while encouraging everyone else to do the same. 


Perrine DeShield

Perrine DeShield is a Marketing Coordinator within the Creative Marketing team at Belk headquarters and the chair of their Young Professionals employee research group, YOPROs. Prior to this role at Belk, Perrine was a Creative Project Manager and Fashion Coordinator, where she’s styled everything from Belk catalogs and the company’s Instagram account to musicians and fellow associates in Ambush Makeovers. Outside of Belk, Perrine offers creative branding consultations and designs everything from logos to websites.

Perrine graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with degrees in broadcast journalism and communication studies and obtained her master’s in fine arts from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Luxury and Fashion Management. Recently, she was named one of the “Best of the Best” by Belk in Pride Communication’s summer 2019 business issue, was named a 2019 finalist of Best of Belk, and in 2018 she became one of Elevate Lifestyle’s Top 30 Under 30 Future Leaders of Charlotte.

Perrine was also a marketing mentor for Olympic High School’s robotics team, volunteers with SHARE Charlotte and is the creator and co-host of a podcast called 1stGens, where she tackles various topics pertaining to first-generation Americans and cultural identity. Perrine is a Liberian-American from Greensboro, NC and has lived in Atlanta and New York before laying down roots in Charlotte over 4 years ago. A fan of the Queen City and the idea of growing community, she enjoys educating others while expressing herself through style, loves all things creative, networking and sharing her resources.

Vision Lab

Our guests will then help in facilitating the vision lab. We will organize into small groups to more intimately get to know each other and begin to cocreate the future of this community.

First, we want to hear WHY you chose to attend as well as what you need, want and would value from this new community. 

Second, we want to hear WHAT sorts of topics you would benefit the most from learning together. We will have a suggested a list of topics that we could explore but would like you to help lead the brainstorming.

Lastly, we want to hear HOW you want to learn together. Again, we have some plans that will be shared but you will influence how we approach what we do moving forward. 

These will not be pop up classes nor your stereotypical networking events. Our goal is to create an ongoing, collaborative and connected learning community to help each other grow, level up and achieve more in our lives and careers.

Our story begins on April 30th, 2019.

Stay curious and welcome to the start of your journey at StudeoCo.


20% of event fees will be donated to READ Charlotte.

And for those that attend, you will gain access to our online community that will help us to stay connected between events, foster ongoing discussions and become our always on playground for learning, thinking and sharing.

Register for the event here.