Event Recaps

We learn when we reflect. We’ll capture all the highlights from our events, so that you are always up to speed on what we are learning together.


Launch Event Series: April - June 2019

A couple events are in the books! They were evenings with energizing conversations, stories and ideas shared, and new connections made. These first gatherings were focused on bringing people together around a common message of continual learning as the key to move your life and career forward. We had several speakers of diverse backgrounds share their career journeys, lessons learned along the way and insights into where they may be heading next.

Speakers we had join us were:

Event 1

Tori Stevens – Educational Leader, Corporate HR, Professional Coach and Speaker

Alyssa Conner – Full-Time Pharmacist, Community Servant, Side Hustling Entrepreneur

Perrine DeShield – Retail and Marketing Specialist, Fashion Guru, Podcaster

Event 2

Dan Black – Partner, Innovation Architect at Faster Glass

Torie Reinhart Creativity Catalyst at Faster Glass

There is so much to be learned from each other if we choose to listen. Thank you to each panelist for generously sharing as all in attendance had significant takeaways and insights to apply to the challenges and opportunities that may be present in their lives and work.

Both evenings were capped with facilitated conversation around what the future of this community could look like. Thank you to everyone for being so actively engaged and honest. This community will only grow as you all allow it. This is just the beginning for StudeoCo, and the ideas and feedback shared were invaluable.

More events are on the way as we continue to build this community. If you want to stay in the know about what may be next, please subscribe or reach out directly to learn more!