An Interactive Q&A Series on Personal Career Development

“So… I Have an Idea”


Ever have an idea and simply not know what to do with it? It may be that glimpse of inspiration that sparks a potential business or new side project. It could be an idea at work that doesn’t quite fit into your normal stream of responsibilities. Or just that casual thought of something you’d like to pursue, but find yourself never actually getting around to it. We have ideas all day but too often as we get worn down by the drains of daily life, we never make time to actually explore any of these ideas further. Great ideas that we can rally around inspire us to do some of our most amazing work. So why is that we so often fail to act? That’s the question we should always be asking and what we’ll be hoping to answer in our first event. You will also walk away with clear tools to help you start taking action on any of your ideas. And we’ll ask that the group pushes each other, asks questions and holds each one of us accountable for taking action on the ideas we’re willing to share.

To help us facilitate this discussion who better to have than someone who has continued to act in the face of uncertainty and unknown to pursue her ideas.

Guest host

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Bernadette Joy Cruz

Business Owner, Podcaster, Career Coach and Debt Crusher

Bernadette was raised to believe life was to go to college, work for 45 years and wait until she retired to do all the dreamy things. Five years post college, she had a six-figure corporate job, a fancy New York City apartment and was doing everything she thought she was supposed to do. Except, she was miserable. So, she became a nerd with a very specific obsession - making and saving money to earn the lifestyle she thought she had to wait until retirement for. She quit that corporate job, studied entrepreneurship around the world, aggressively paid off all debt, and started her own business Dressed (also debt free). Nowadays, she has the fun and freedom to teach others everything she learned along the way about career, small business and personal finance through live talks, social media (@crushthisdebt), YouTube and The Bernadette Joy Podcast!

More About This Series:

This event series is our first step in creating a learning environment for people of all backgrounds, experiences and ages who may be feeling stuck in their careers. We are creating a community of support where you can learn the tools, habits and methods for getting unstuck and charting your path forward. It will be a place to explore your curiosity and learn more broadly. It will be an environment to create new friendships and foster a more diverse peer network in which we all can help and learn from each other. And we will give space to share the stories of those that have made changes to inspire us to do the same.

These will not be pop up classes nor your stereotypical networking events. Our goal is to create an ongoing, collaborative and connected learning community to help each other grow, level up and achieve more in our lives and careers.

But first, it starts with a choice. A choice to make a change. A choice to step outside your comfort zone. A choice to show up.

We hope you join us and help build Charlotte’s new colearning community.


And for those that attend, you will gain access to our online community that will help us to stay connected between events, foster ongoing discussions and become our always on playground for learning, thinking and sharing.

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